Instagram Awakening with karen hancock

Instagram Awakening

By Karen Hancock I did something a bit extreme on Instagram last week. I unfollowed all the jewelry makers, except for personal friends. A simple move, but a big change for my psyche. My Instagram follows are a great mix of fashion, art, friends and inspirations. Up until last week, it also included about 30 fellow jewelry makers, the majority who were much, much further along in their … [Read More...]


5 Tips to Creating a Google Hangouts On Air That Works

5 Tips to Creating a Google Hangouts On Air That Works

By Jenn Aubert | Showcasing Women Last week we hosted our first Google Hangout On Air. Having participated in interviews using this technology in the past, I knew that it can be wonky to use. We read up on best practices and made sure we played and tested everything out. We even got on the … [Read More...]

Winning at Work? {infographic}

Courtesy of All Business Schools More women are thriving in the workplace, but we're still contending with lower salaries and fighting to have our voice heard. The good news is today's businesswomen are more educated than ever before and lean on each other for professional support. These tools … [Read More...]

3 Marketing Mistakes Made by the Multi-Talented Entrepreneurs

3 Marketing Mistakes Made by the Multi-Talented Entrepreneur

By Ling Wong The multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneurs often have a creative streak in them that makes stuffing themselves into the “usual” marketing box not only frustrating but also the cause of patchy results. They face a unique set of challenges, which leads to 3 common mistakes … [Read More...]

The ‘Somebody’ Syndrome.

The ‘Somebody’ Syndrome

By Kat Cowley Our inboxes, social feeds and actual mailboxes are on a continuous confetti rotation of announcing the next milestone celebration within our circle.  The birth of a child, wedding RSVP card, graduation invite, or a housewarming party serves as just a few of the most common … [Read More...]

How to Lead and Live by Letting Go with Showcasing Women

How to Lead (and Live) by Letting Go

By Sandra Crowe What are the three most common words associated with Leadership? Vision. Mission. Goals.  In the Leadership Challenge, Barry Posner and John Kouzes extol the importance of honesty as what greases the wheel for the implementation of these elements. Peter Drucker talks … [Read More...]

Top 5 Mistakes You're Making on Facebook

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making on Facebook

By Jennifer Lynn Robinson Not all social media is equal but Facebook can still be a powerful tool to grow your brand and your business if you use it well. If you don’t use it well, it is like making a bad first impression and can be very tough to undo. Here are the top 5 things to avoid … [Read More...]