Women's Success Stories

These incredible women are special for not only being their extraordinary selves, but also for their desire to inspire other women. Each one of these brave ladies has shared her personal story of triumph over the obstacles that life threw her way. They are here to motivate you with stories that could only happen in real life!

A Modern Day Cinderella Story - “My family was very poor; shockingly, we didn’t even have a bathroom until I was twelve!” But that didn’t stop Sue from winning a coveted Parents’ Choice Award. See what she’s created…
It’s About 'Showing Up' and 'Asking' - From living on her own at age 15 to winning Office Depot’s Business Women of the Year, SBA’s Business Women’s Advocate, YWCA's Women of Distinction and many more.
How To Be And Stay Sexy - She grew up in Canada but ended up being a model in Japan. And then a relationship expert on CBS, eHarmony and more. Allana has some valuable nuggets to share with you about life and being sexy!
Don’t be afraid to go out where the adventure begins! - "My first memory is that of being thrown from our burning sharecropper’s house. My mother hurled me out into the yard and went back inside to rescue my sister and baby brother." From that horrible start in life, to sailing around the world visiting 62 countries!
How To Live Your Heart's Desires - Everyone thought she was crazy to walk away from her career as a dentist. But to go from that to being a dancer, a professional skater, and a speaker? Only she didn't stop there.
Green with Envy - At the age of 13 she sold her first home-made purse for $7. Her journey then took her from poverty on state-funded assistance, to successfully doing what she started at age 13.
4 Gifts From “The Other Side” - “I was having dinner at a restaurant, and then… my amazing experience on the other side.” Now people often ask Kelly how she got into the dream business. See the answer...
Intuition + Changing Lives = Oprah and President’s Service Awards - Can intuition lead you to Oprah and a U.S. President? It happened to this woman… she was presented awards from them both. What did she do?
Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone - “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to do what I absolutely love for a living! I remember showing up the first day of filming, scared out of my mind. I almost puked!!”
Wife... Mother... Musician... Turned Author - How can one thing lead to another and then Bamm! - you’re inspiring 20 million mothers and daughter-in-laws around the world AND teaching others how to self-publish books…?
Opportunities Abound; Send Up Your Antenna! - “Unbeknown to me, he drew up a document selling the business to me with no money down.” She was only 19 years old then. It was a moment of destiny. Find out what happened.
What Is Your “Why”? - What is your “Why” moment? What does that even mean, and what makes it so important to know? Discover how finding your "Why" can change your path in life.
A Composer & Emmy Award Winner With A Cause - “Of all the years for them to decide they wanted an Emmy in addition to all their Grammy awards, l was now competing against them.” Find out what it’s like to be the Underdog and win!
Many Lives - Many Careers - At the age of 12 (but looking 18) Judith won a beauty contest for adult women. A modeling and acting career ensued, with appearances on Star Trek and others. Now she's an author and company President.
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